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Our Approach

We seek to identify a select set of opportunities in sectors poised for exceptional growth. We partner with management teams to build and scale these businesses. We take a patient, disciplined, operationally-focused approach to investing. We combine our capital with strategic insight and an unparalleled global network. We are focused on compounding capital over the long term by investing in innovative businesses positioned to benefit from the economy, society, and climate of tomorrow.

We Build Industry-Leading Businesses By​

  • Forming enduring, collaborative relationships with management

  • Aligning incentives, sharing a common vision, and building world-class teams

  • Accelerating growth in a thoughtful and disciplined manner

  • Providing industry-specific resources to lend strategic guidance and unlock growth opportunities

  • Remaining at the forefront of technology and innovation

  • Promoting positive environmental and social principles

  • Trusting the power of integrity and hard work​

We Invest in Companies With

  • Strong fundamentals in sectors with large TAMs and secular tailwinds

  • Innovative and differentiated products with defensible market positions 

  • Exceptional growth opportunities in existing and new markets, organically and through acquisitions

  • Robust profitability and free cash flow generation, or a clear path to such

  • Entrepreneurs and management teams of uncompromising integrity with a passion  for innovation

  • Positive social or environmental impact

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